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June 6, 2018

Lab technician

As lab technician your main task is the practical laboratory execution of the projects assigned to you, from sample reception to reporting of the results to the project manager. Various state-of-the-art technologies are used, such as high-throughput qPCR, next generation sequencing and digital PCR.

You will be involved in the set-up of the experimental procedures and you will be responsible for the design of a practical workflow. Pro-active and independent thinking and preparation is expected. Therefore, understanding the scientific background and goals of the experiment is necessary. It is important to work according to the internal lab standards (i.e. ISO 17025:2015, GCLP guidelines), to follow standard operating procedures and to respect  timelines. A lab technician is also responsible for maintaining the laboratory equipment: performing the allocated maintenance tasks and taking care of the contacts with the relevant supplier in case of needed repairs or the fulfillment of service contracts.

You will ensure proper record keeping during all aspects of your activities and guarantee complete traceability by making adequate and timely registrations.

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