RNA solutions


  • from discovery to validation of biomarkers
  • from experiment design to interpretation
  • coding and non-coding RNA
Picture of a human melanoma cell line growing in tissue culture

RNA therapies


  • targeting long non-coding RNA
  • using nucleic acid based-drugs


Deploying the transcriptome

At Biogazelle we are dedicated to deploy the transcriptome through excellence in science and technology.

We carefully select the best analytical platforms to offer customized RNA gene expression solutions to develop RNA targeted biomarkers and nucleic acid-based therapies.

We are fascinated by the complexity of the non-coding RNA world.

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Biogazelle's solutions

RNA solutions

Our service lab activities support the life science market at every level of the entire process: from RNA sequencing based discovery to PCR validation of biomarkers, from experiment design to result interpretation, from PCR assay design to research-use-only kits.

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RNA therapies

Using our proprietary and integrative target selection strategy, we prioritize long non-coding RNA genes as therapeutic targets in cancer. We combine large scale in vitro screens with preclinical animals models to develop nucleic acid based therapies.

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qbase+ is the most powerful and flexible real-time PCR data analysis software.

It's developed by experts for qPCR users belonging to all experience levels.

The software is packed with unique features to achieve high-quality results in a user-friendly manner.

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Current topics


Discover the RNA biomarker potential in your clinical samples during a scientific workshop in Leuven. - https://t.co/5Mfc29n4bD
22/10/2015 - 15:35
RT @gertvanpeer: #lncRNAs can be downregulated using #sdrxRNAs, shown in @Biogazelle #RXi Pharmaceuticals collaboration https://t.co/LFKZVV
20/10/2015 - 22:08