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Small RNA sequencing of body fluids & FFPE

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Transcriptome services


  • From discovery to validation of biomarkers
  • From experiment design to interpretation
  • Coding and non-coding RNA


Understanding the transcriptome

At Biogazelle we are dedicated to accelerate the understanding of the transcriptome through excellence in science and technology. 

We carefully select the best analytical platforms to offer customized RNA gene expression services. We develop data-analysis software tools to generate understandable results. 

We are a young and dynamic company, eager to learn and to teach.

Biogazelle's solutions

Lab services

Our service lab activities support the life science market at every level of the entire process: from discovery to validation of biomarkers, from optimal experiment design to extensive analysis and interpretation of results, from PCR assay design to research-use-only kits.

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qbase+ is the most powerful and flexible real-time PCR data analysis software.

It's developed by experts for qPCR users belonging to all experience levels.

The software is packed with unique features to achieve high-quality results in a user-friendly manner.

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Education and training

Biogazelle organizes training and provides knowledge for qPCR users of all experience levels.

Focused 2-day qPCR courses cover the fundamental and advanced principles of experiment design and data-analysis.

Webinars cover different PCR-related topics.

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Current topics


Recent paper in The Lancet Neurology using qbase+ software to study Alzheimer's disease
04/07/2015 - 13:11
@daniutz are your referring to Biogazelle’s qbase+ software for qPCR data-analysis? You don’t like it? Many scientists do...
03/07/2015 - 11:29