Exploiting RNA to improve healthcare

Biogazelle, specialized in liquid biopsies and non-coding RNA, supports scientists in the development of diagnostics and therapeutics by offering innovative solutions in a quality environment.


Biogazelle offers expert genomic and transcriptomic services performed in ISO17025 accredited and GCLP-compliant laboratory to support research, clinical trials and personalized medicine. 


Rely on Biogazelle’s expertise in RNA biomarker discovery, development and validation, our pioneering role in liquid biopsies and non-coding RNA and our experience with clinical trials to accelerate the development of your diagnostics and therapeutics.

Development of Bio-Rad's PrimePCR assays and arrays for lncRNA expression analysis

In this white-paper, we discuss Biogazelle's methodology to design Bio-Rad's PrimePCR Assays and Arrays for long non-coding RNAs.
December 22, 2017
J. Hellemans
Comparison of mRNA and lncRNA expression