Deploying the transcriptome

Biogazelle is a research & early development stage biotechnology company deploying the power of RNA for next generation diagnostics and therapeutics in the field of oncology and other human diseases.


RNA dynamically informs on health or disease. Biogazelle deploys the potential of almost 100,000 genes for biomarker discovery and other applications through RNA sequencing of clinically relevant samples, including FFPE tissue and body fluids.


Quantitative PCR is the method par excellence for diagnostic testing of RNA expression. Building on more than a decade of qPCR expertise in assay design, validation and data analysis in an accredited lab, Biogazelle develops and tests novel RNA diagnostics for human diseases.


Long non-coding RNAs are an emerging class of genes with crucial roles in health and disease. Their remarkably condition-specific expression patterns make them excellent candidate therapeutic targets. Biogazelle leverages antisense technology and its lncRNA expertise to develop RNA targeting therapies to treat cancer.

Why non-coding RNA research for cancer is key

Jo Vandesompele, Chief Scientific Officer at Biogazelle outlines how non-coding RNA research for cancer can help to develop a more targeted approach for treatment in oncology
November 14, 2016