Better treatment selection through biomarker discovery

prof. dr. Piet Ost, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

Accurate treatment selection in metastatic prostate patients is crucial to control cancer spread and to minimize patient symptoms and drug side effects. The lab of prof. Ost at Ghent University Hospital was interested in developing a minimally invasive, blood-based test to select the correct treatment strategy. To this end, Biogazelle performed a miRNA biomarker discovery study on serum samples using its small RNA sequencing workflow optimized for body fluids.

Biomarker driven disease status determination

prof. Dirk Elewaut, VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research, Belgium

Gut inflammation is commonly present in arthritis patients, linked to extensive disease and representing an important risk factor for the development of Crohn’s disease. Gut inflammation is evaluated through colonoscopy, a disturbing test for patients. Seeking for alternatives to reduce the number of colonoscopies, we supported the research of prof. Elewaut towards the development of a blood-based test that can predict gut inflammation in arthritis patients.

Understanding the mode of action of drug treatments

Whole genome transcriptome profiling is a valuable tool for the understanding of drug mode of action. Identifying drug targets and affected pathways upon perturbation or treatment and assigning functions to specific genes are, amongst other, questions that can be tackled through transcriptome analysis. In our internal drug development program, we applied total RNA sequencing and advanced data analysis to develop a catalog of human lncRNA functions, LNCarta.