DNAlytics is a Belgian company founded in 2012 as a UCLouvain Spin-Off that bases its activities on a data mining technology platform. Aside from product (co)development, DNAlytics also proposes its expertise in the form of a data mining consultancy service.

DNAlytics is our expert partner for the development of biomarker signatures within Biogazelle’s biomarker discovery workflow. For more information on our biomarker development program, take a look at our discovery applications.


Illumina is improving human health by unlocking the power of the genome. The company’s focus on innovation has established it as the global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, serving customers in the research, clinical and applied markets.

Founded in 1998, Illumina is the market leader in the development of both genome and transcriptome sequencing workflows. For RNA sequencing, Illumina offers different workflows based on the gene class of interest and on the sample integrity. At Biogazelle, we routinely use Illumina library preparation methods and sequencing technologies in our discovery activities.

Born out of complementary expertise and shared interest in circulating RNA, Biogazelle and Illumina entered into a research collaboration agreement to further RNA sequencing workflows to study microRNA, messenger RNA and total RNA in body fluids. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote technological advances, enabling the analysis of circulating RNA.


Ghent University

Biogazelle was founded in 2007 as a privately held Ghent University (UGent) spin-off company by prof. Jo Vandesompele and dr. Jan Hellemans. During their activities at UGent, they developed the geNorm and qBase technologies, later commercialized in Biogazelle’s qbase+ software for qPCR data analysis. Biogazelle’s CSO Jo Vandesompele still holds a professorship position at UGent.

A strong collaboration between Biogazelle and UGent remains, leading to successful co-development activities. One example is primerXL, Biogazelle’s quantitative and digital PCR assay design pipeline, exclusively licensed from UGent and further developed by Biogazelle. Another example is the human lncRNA database LNCipedia, licensed from UGent and integrated with Ensembl to build the most comprehensive human reference transcriptome.

UGent is one of the major universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. With more than 40 000 students, UGent distinguishes itself as a socially committed and pluralistic university, has a broad international perspective and ranks among the top universities worldwide.


Fournier-Majoie Foundation (FFM)

Founded in 2006 as a non-profit organization, the Fournier-Majoie foundation recognizes and supports entrepreneurial researchers in field of oncology, at every stage of the biomarker development trajectory. By supporting research projects, FFM aims to enable the development of tools for early cancer detection and outcome prediction that could benefit patients.

Biogazelle and FFM have established a strong partnership in which Biogazelle acts as a research partner in several cancer biomarker programs supported by FFM.