Biogazelle offers end-to-end solutions to support your discovery studies using RNA. Our solutions combine unbiased RNA sequencing technology with advanced data analysis . Applying this powerful combination to your discovery study will reveal the power of RNA to answer your research questions. Read further to get an impression of what we can do for you.

Biomarker development

RNA biomarkers enable early disease detection, assessment of prognosis, monitoring patient response to therapy or selecting those treatments most likely to be efficacious for a given patient. As such, biomarker discovery is a promising approach toward effective precision medicine. Through RNA sequencing and advanced model building, our biomarker development platform aims at establishing a complex biomarker integrating gene expression measurements and clinical parameters. Such a complex biomarker generally outperforms single biomarkers for classification purposes.

Read how our biomarker development platform pushed forward the studies of dr. Vanhie, prof. Ost and prof. Elewaut.

Disease characterization

Understanding a disease mechanism or discerning patient subgroups will facilitate the development of novel - subgroup-specific - treatment alternatives. As such, studying disease mechanisms is often a first step toward more personalized and better treatment of patients. As the clinical presentation of disease is often only the tip of the iceberg, studying patients’ transcriptomes via RNA sequencing offers great added value to understand disease mechanisms. Indeed, this approach may lead to a new taxonomy of disease revealing new treatment opportunities.

Learn how we supported prof. Tejpar to identify molecular subgroups of colorectal cancer patients.

Drug mode of action

Gaining a clear understanding of how a drug (candidate) works is an intelligent route to streamline drug development. Indeed, insights in a drug’s mode of action may not only facilitate dosing studies and patient stratification, it could also lead to the development of more advanced and more effective therapeutic agents or increase the likelihood of drug development success. Transcriptome analysis via RNA sequencing offers valuable complementary information to biochemical approaches to study drug effects.

Find out how we confirmed the mode of action of several anti-cancer drugs when developing our proprietary LNCarta database of predicted lncRNA functions.