Validation of RNA biomarker signature from RNA sequencing

While RNA sequencing is used as preferred technology for biomarker discovery, RT-qPCR constitutes the platform of choice for clinical and diagnostic applications.

The signature developed based on your data generated on our RNA sequencing platform will be transferred to our RT-qPCR platform. To this end, qPCR assays will be designed for miRNA, mRNA or lncRNA candidate biomarker genes identified in your project. Subsequent thorough analytical validation of the assays allows us to develop a qPCR-based test and to validate and use an RNA biomarker signature for your scientific question.

qPCR and dPCR assay design and validation

We trust on our deep knowledge and many years of experience when developing and validating a PCR assay that fulfills the end-user requirements. If you are looking for a specific transcript or you want to get full ownership of such assays for your gene expression study, we use our proprietary and accredited primerXL design engine. Next to that, we can offer you the commercially available off-the-shelf PrimePCR assays that also meet the highest level of quality. These superior assays were expertly designed and fully wet lab validated by Biogazelle according to qPCR community driven MIQE guidelines (Bustin et al., Clinical Chemistry, 2009).

Either we run the validated assays in Biogazelle’s accredited lab on your samples of interest, or you run them in your lab, depending on your preference.

In case you have specific questions towards mutation analysis or gene copy number variation analysis, Biogazelle is able to design and validate digital PCR assays, which can then also be applied on your precious samples in our lab that acts as a European reference lab for the QX droplet digital PCR technology (Bio-Rad).

Specialty lab services in the field of clinical trials or in routine settings

Biogazelle is skilled to support you with targeted gene expression analysis on a large number of samples from the different phases in your clinical trial, according to a well-defined protocol. In this context, we can measure samples for one specific gene, a limited panel of genes, or a multigene signature, whatever is required in your specific study. We support you with all information needed for sampling, sample handling and shipment. Sample processing and final reporting of the data will be done according to your requisites in a pre-defined timeframe, always to the highest quality standards.

If you need a lab with internationally recognized and accredited expertise in RT-qPCR for running your clinical samples in a routine setting, for example using a test that we developed in a previous phase for you (Lab Developed Test, LDT), Biogazelle is the perfect partner for you.