qPCR data-analysis in a few clicks

Are you struggling with your qPCR data-analysis?

Start using our  qbase+ software today! qbase+ is based on the proven geNorm and qBase technology. The software is developed at Biogazelle by recognized qPCR experts prof. Jo Vandesompele and dr. Jan Hellemans.

qbase+ is intended for qPCR users belonging to all experience levels.
qbase+ can be used for different types of qPCR experiments:

  • mRNA gene expression profiling (large set of targets)
  • mRNA gene expression analysis (limited set targets)
  • miRNA profiling studies (large set of targets)
  • miRNA validation studies (limited set targets)
  • gene copy number analysis
  • geNorm pilot study to find stably expressed reference genes
  • ...

qbase+ is unique



Developed by recognized qPCR experts Jo Vandesompele and Jan Hellemans.

Integrated algorithms and features have been published in peer reviewed journals.

MIQE compliant



Automated calculations eliminating in-depth knowledge of all formulas for normalization, error propagation, ...

4-step statistical analysis wizard that does not require knowledge about bio-statistics.

GeNorm report eliminating the need to be an interpretation expert.



"80% faster than Excel"

Analyses that take more than a day in a spreadsheet can be analysed in a few minutes.

Data can be easily imported from most qPCR instruments.

Analyzed data can easily be exported.



qbase+ can be used for small and high-throughput experiments.

The user had full control; setting quality control thresholds, eliminating bad quality data points, defining number of technical replicates of reference genes, etc.

Each user can use the software on two computers.

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