Fusion transcripts are hallmarks and common drivers in cancer, making them ideal targets for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. At Biogazelle RNA sequencing technology is used to study transcriptome wide fusion genes in RNA, whereas digital PCR is used for detection of known fusion genes in DNA or RNA.

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fusion gene detection

Take your clinical study to the next level with fusion gene biomarkers:
screen unbiased for expressed fusion genes or detect known fusion genes
in your clinical samples.


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Screening for unknown fusion genes using RNA sequencing

Paired-end RNA sequencing offers a great opportunity to detect somatic fusion transcripts in cancer samples. Biogazelle has developed an RNA sequencing based workflow, applicable on clinically relevant sample types (including FFPE tissue and plasma samples), for the unbiased detection of fusion genes.


Detection of specific fusion genes using digital PCR

Biogazelle offers targeted detection and quantification of specific fusion genes using digital PCR. This method is compatible with a wide range of samples, including FFPE tissue and plasma samples. Patient specific fusion genes can for instance be monitored in plasma during treatment. While off-the-shelf assays are available for some common fusion genes (EML4-ALK, RET, ROS1). Biogazelle offers custom design and validation for specific fusion genes of interest.


Our solutions for fusion gene detection

  • any kind of sample: cells, tissues, FFPE, whole blood, PBMCs, plasma, serum, urine, CSF, stool, etc.
  • for human, mouse and rat
  • including sample preparation - read more
  • targeted fusion gene detection with digital PCR using validated off-the-shelf or custom assays in a GCLP-compliant environment - read more
  • transcriptome-wide screening of expressed fusion genes using RNA sequencing technology - read more
  • data processing using validated software - read more