Biogazelle bioinformatic expertise enables Bio-Rad to offer the most comprehensive lncRNA array content on the market

Bio-Rad Laboratories, California, USA

Bio-Rad collaborated with an experienced partner to extend their product portfolio of validated gene expression qPCR assays for human long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). To ensure the success of this project, they relied on a trusted adviser that they knew would deliver. That partner was Biogazelle.

Biogazelle helps DNAlytics give arthritis patients an accurate, early diagnosis

dr. Thibault Helleputte, DNAlytics, Belgium

After suffering an abrupt service termination by their previous PCR provider, DNAlytics needed a trustworthy and experienced partner to perform the wet lab work for their diagnostic kit for arthritis patients. Their search criteria were strict, and only Biogazelle could offer everything they needed. Biogazelle provided a seamless transition for DNAlytics that allowed them to return their focus to business-critical activities.

Development of an RNA-based diagnostic test for MS patient stratification

GeNeuro, Switzerland

GeNeuro has developed the antibody GNbAC1 as therapeutic in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and a Phase IIb study is currently running. geNeuro wanted Biogazelle to develop an RNA-based test to stratify MS patients that will likely benefit from a treatment with GNbAC1.

Development and validation of an RNA-based biomarker to determine biological response

dr. Karen Silence, argenx, Belgium

The Belgian biotech company argenx is currently running a clinical trial of ARGX-110, a first-in-class SIMPLE antibody targeting CD70, an immune checkpoint target involved in hematological malignancies, solid tumors and severe autoimmune diseases.