Our quality system is fully compliant with the ISO17025 standard. We have a dedicated QA manager who is responsible for overseeing the perfect integration of our quality system into the daily operations. She takes care of auditing SOPs, instrumentation and software, personnel, reagents and consumables as well as all lab facilities warranting compliance with the ISO17025 standard for all projects.

Since 2014, Biogazelle is ISO17025 accredited for a number of tests (BELAC 528-TEST). On top of this, our methods, processes and computerized systems are in line with the GCLP (Good Clinical Laboratory Practices) requirements for conducting clinical trials and with the 21 CFR Part 11 requirements of the US FDA. On a regular basis, internal and external audits are performed by customers and the Belgian accreditation body BELAC.


Driven by science and the eagerness to learn from and to teach to the scientific
community, Biogazelle has contributed to the standardization, characterization and
optimization of gene expression methods resulting in numerous peer-reviewed
articles (geNorm, qBase, MIQE, miRQC, SEQC), cited more than 20,000 times collectively.


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Quality plays a profound role in the current success and continuous improvement at Biogazelle. We strive for excellence across the entire organization:

Customer focused solutions

  • We provide services that often exceed our customers' quality requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction is a core driver for our organization. Therefore, we aim for an exceptional service by working closely with our customers.

Lean quality management

In order to continuously improve our processes and services, we apply lean quality management principles.


  • We have a team of dedicated and competent professionals to provide to our customers as close as possible complete satisfaction.
  • We encourage the participation and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all our employees through training, coaching, collaboration and effective communication.